About Us

Honest Grill was born from the belief that there should be a better standard expectation in Korean Barbeque. We aim to provide an authentic dining experience through classic Korean flavors and the prime quality of our ingredients. Each dish and each guest will be served with passion and dedication to ensure a savory, memorable experience.


Wet Age

Using Vacuum sealed bags, the wet aging process locks in the meat with their own juices to create an aging environment. The procedure takes a bit more work then the Dry Aging method. First, the outside of the meat is patted with a towel. Then, the meat is placed into a bag, and any excessive air in the bag is vacuumed and sealed.

Dry Age

The old fashioned method. As mentioned in the name, the meat is hung or placed in a rack to be dried, causing natural enzymes of the meat to come in contact with bacteria. When done properly, the enzymes and the bacteria in the air will break down the proteins inside of the meat. Rather than using its own juice, which dries away, it requires the help of the non-harmful bacteria in the air.


Pork Guide


Belly* Duroc

Special Collar* Duroc

Jowl* Duroc

Marinated Galbi* Duroc


Soybean Stew

Beef Guide


NY Strip* CAB prime

Outside Skirt* CAB

Galbi* CAB

Marinated Rib Finger* CAB


Soybean Stew